«Peace is the decision of each of us»

Enough of the war. Peace in the country, on the streets and in the houses. The world in hearts

A strong nation is a united nation. There is no other way.

Law is the basis of the state, society, order. The law is the same for everyone.


We have no moral right to stand aside while fascism is marching arrogantly across the country, there is outright propaganda of the swastika, the planting of Nazi ideology. We will not allow our children, great-grandchildren of great heroes - millions who gave their lives to cleanse this plague from our Motherland and give us a peaceful future, to become descendants of fascism !!! We unite for life! For peace! We speak different languages, go to different churches, live in both the West and the East - but we are Ukrainians and we are united in striving for peace. Peace is the work of each of us. Working together!

Ilya Kiva

The head of the movement "Patriots - For Life"

"Patriots - For Life" is the movement that will bring order to our country. We are Ukrainians, and our path is the path of winners, which we will definitely go through with dignity - together. The future of Ukraine, the Ukraine in which the next generations will live, depends only on us and you! ”


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