The citizens of Ukraine, the proud descendants of the great victors in the WW2, stand up to defend history and are ready to fight against fascism and any of its manifestations. The people’s deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Ilya Kyva said this during the march «They will not pass» organized by the All-Ukrainian civil movement against fascism «PATRIOTS – FOR LIFE» in Kiev on May 9.

«Today fascism is gaining new strength in our country, a new stage of revival and formation is under way. And this is taking place under the direct patronage and complicity of the authorities. The culmination of the seven-year shame was the march in the capital of the admirers of the SS Galicia division. We realized that it was impossible to remain silent any longer. We are men, citizens of Ukraine, the descendants of those who fought against fascism, today we want to declare to the whole world: we are ready to resist further, we are ready to destroy fascism and fight any of its manifestations. Today, on the Day of the Great Victory, we came to the most significant place in our country – to the Motherland of the Mother, to declare: fascism will not pass in our country! We will defend the history of the winners so that our children can walk proudly on this earth», – he said.

Ilya Kyva emphasized that fascism was condemned and recognized as the plague of the twentieth century, the fight against fascism is being waged all over the world.

«And we took it upon ourselves to close ranks and fight the evil that is destroying our future. Today we swear that there will be no fascism in our country! And no matter how hard our government tries to help the fascists, we will liberate our land, as our great-grandfathers, our grandfathers, our fathers once did. We must remember the crimes of the fascists and pass them on to generations, so that never on our land this evil has the opportunity to revive», – the politician said.

The People’s Deputy also noted that Victory Day is a great holiday for the Ukrainian people, who made an invaluable contribution to the fight against fascism.

«Our ancestors, our grandfathers gave their lives so that today we could see this sky, the sun, live on this earth and raise our children. Their exploits and their names have been recorded for centuries. We will forever honor and be proud of the Soviet Soldier’s act of self-sacrifice. Victory Day is a holiday that will remain a holiday for centuries», – summed up Ilya Kyva.