Today it is important to preserve the memory of the feat of self-sacrifice and the Victory of our ancestors in the Great Patriotic War and to do everything to prevent the revival of fascism in Ukraine. People’s Deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE, the head of Non-Governmental Organization «All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «Patriots – For Life» Ilya Kiva said this during an action commemorating the victims of the Great Patriotic War on the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the War on Tuesday in Kiev.

«On June 22, the German fascist invaders treacherously invaded our land in order to destroy our nation, our fatherland. And this war for us was the Great Patriotic War, because there was a question of life and death of all people living on this earth. The SS divisions were special troops that distinguished by special cruelty towards civilians, defenseless women and children. They torn apart and killed, and this lasted for endless 4 years – it were the years of hell, confrontation, maternal tears and pain, with which our land was saturated. We must remember this terrible time», – he said.

Ilya Kyva stressed the importance of preserving the memory of the great feat of the Soviet soldier-liberator.

«We must honor the memory of the dead, because their feat of self-sacrifice gave us the opportunity to see this sun and sky, to breathe this air. More than 20 million people gave their lives for this. No matter how today dirty politicians try to distort history and instill in our people a complex of betrayal, remember – we are the descendants of great people. Today we remember those who went to war, gave us the opportunity to live, saturating the Ukrainian land with their blood», – said the people’s deputy.

Ilya Kyva also noted that today in Ukraine certain forces, with the assistance of the authorities, are trying to revive fascism and Nazism.

«Let those, who came to kill us 80 years ago, burn in hell, and those, who today are trying to revive this evil on our land, who want to cleanse the dirty pages of our history and magnify the act of betrayal, turning it into heroism. We must not allow the fascist plague to be able to revive and spread throughout the world, bringing evil, death, pain, grief, suffering. We will never allow fascism to revive on our land – no matter what it costs us, and no matter how the government indulges and promotes its revival. We, the people of the victors, will not allow this. Before the Motherland, we swear never to allow this to happen in our lives and in the lives of our children», – he stressed.

In turn, MP from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE Viktor Cherny noted that today it is extremely important to preserve the memory of the participants in the Great Patriotic War and justice.

«Today we must justly appeal to the descendants of all the peoples of the Soviet Union, including our native Ukraine, who participated in the liberation from the German fascist invaders and declare, that we remember these heroic people. Memory is more important today than ever, and it must be fair. Now certain forces are trying to erase this memory in the minds of Ukrainians. But we must remember this feat, and we say – fascism will not pass! Glory to our ancestors, glory to the great Soviet people-liberator», – he said.

Symbolically, the protesters burned the banners – the flag of the Third Reich, the 6th SS Panzer Division, and the banner of SS Galicia. This happened opposite the Monument to the Victims of Fascism.

The action was attended by activists of the Non-Governmental Organization «All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «Patriots – For Life», MPs from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, Kyiv residents.