The authorities are trying to discredit and imprison those who are fighting against fascism and arbitrariness, and the pressure on the leadership of the Non-Governmental Organization «All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «Patriots – For Life» confirms this. The People’s Deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, the leader of the Movement Ilya Kyva stated this at Telegram channel.

«They are trying to discredit and break us. You all know that the prosecutor’s office has recently began a criminal case against me and is trying to put me in prison for 10 years for propaganda of communist symbols – for wearing a hat with a Red Star. They are trying to tie my colleagues to criminal cases and also isolate them from society so that we cannot fully fight against fascism and the arbitrariness that is taking place in our government today», – he said.

Ilya Kyva stressed that the detention and arrest of the regional head of the Patriots – For Life Oleg Shiryaev is also part of the systemic pressure.

«Today, a Kharkiv court arrested my colleague, one of the leaders of the Non-Governmental Organization «All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «Patriots – For Life» Oleg Shiryaev for 7 days. The prosecutor’s office and the National Police were able to squeeze that much out of the court. But he was arrested not for the attempted murder of neo-fascist Artem Moshensky, to whom they wanted to tie Oleg Shiryaev, they simply did not have enough evidence, and arrested in the case of 2018: in it Shiryaev passed as a witness, and then he was transferred to the category of suspects. This once again proves the systemic pressure of the authorities on our anti-fascist movement and on the opposition in general», – the People’s Deputy said.

The politician also reminded that he repeatedly accused the authorities of aiding fascist and Nazi organizations, as well as propaganda of fascism.

«Ukraine today is the cradle of fascism and Nazism in Europe. But we will fight for everyone, we will appeal and defend justice and truth. We will definitely win», – Ilya Kyva summed up.