The main goals, social activities and prospects for the development of the Non-Governmental Organization «All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «Patriots – For Life» were the subject of a meeting of the leadership of the Kharkiv branch of the movement with OSCE representatives. This was reported on the movement’s Facebook page.

«The meeting took place in Kharkiv. I informed that the main activity of our organization is to combat the spread of fascism and Nazism in Ukraine. We also actively advocate for the preservation of the memory of the exploits of our ancestors and against attempts to rewrite our heroic history. That is why our activists in many regions are working to restore the graves of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, monuments to the Unknown Soldier, planting trees and beautifying the surrounding areas, as well as holding rallies and actions to perpetuate memory»,-said the head of the Kharkiv branch of the All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «Patriots – For Life» Vitaly Tkachenko.

In this regard,he stressedthat «Patriots – For Life»are under attack and aggression by right-wing radical groups.

«Such facts of attacks and attempts at provocations take place not only in Kharkiv. The National Corps and Azov are operating against us, which are conducting criminal activities in our city under the auspices and connivance of the authorities. The facts of extortion, pressure on business representatives, massacres of dissidents, as well as many other crimes have been repeatedly recorded», – the head of the Kharkiv branch said.

Vitaliy Tkachenko also informed the OSCE representatives about the social activities of the movement’s activists.

“It is aimed at helping low-income people who are in a critical situation, as well as helping children. In particular, we are cooperating with the Childhood charity, which has taken care of about 20 children abandoned by their parents, as well as children from low-income families, “he said.

The head of the Kharkiv branch reminded that the activists provided assistance to the victims of the fire in a home for the elderly in January this year.

««Patriots – For Life»were the first to arrive at the scene of the fire, brought warm clothes and food», – said the head of the Kharkiv branch.

Vitaliy Tkachenko also reminded about helping local residents who disagree with the government’s policy of sharply raising tariffs.

«We have created a coordination headquarters for the resistance of tariff arbitrariness, which is rotated at the address: Kharkiv, Poltavsky Shlyakh St., 22. The headquarters is still active today, every resident of the city can come and express their position, or ask for help», – he said.