The PGO and the SBI must stop the arbitrariness of the Security Service of Ukraine, whose staff puts pressure on the opposition in violation of the law – by issuing suspicions based on the «knocked out»testimony of witnesses. The People’s Deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, the head of the All-Ukrainian movement against fascism «Patriots – For Life»Ilya Kyva said this at his Telegram channel.

«I appeal to the Prosecutor General of the director of the SBI. Today, I have incontrovertible evidence of criminal activity of certain SSU officers who carry out systemic pressure and criminal prosecution based on illegally obtained testimony of witnesses, which they receive through violence and threats to the lives of witnesses», – he said.

Ilya Kyva explained that it was a suspicion of a member of the organization «Patriots – For Life» Oleg Shiryaev and four other leaders of the organization, who are accused of inflicting moderate injuries on a citizen.

«All these suspicions are based on the testimony of witnesses. But today I have a video appeal to the Prosecutor General and the director of the SBI witness, whose testimony formed the basis of suspicion of O.Shiryaev and his arrest. The witness admits that he was abducted by SSU officers, intimidated and threatened with false testimony and perjury. The witness also asks for the protection from the arbitrariness of the SSU, which continues to try to find and destroy him. After all, they no longer need him. The evidence they needed was squeezed out of him, on the basis of which a number of suspicions were written, and today the liquidation of this person is being prepared», – the People’s Deputy emphasized.

Ilya Kyva noted that the witness, Ihor Savchuk, a resident of Horlivka, intends to personally submit a statement to the PGO, tell the truth and ask for protection.

«The man is asking for help and protection from the arbitrariness of the SSU workers, and is ready to tell the truth. Testimony from him was knocked out by acts of violence and threats to his life and his family. I ask the Prosecutor General to stop the arbitrariness of the SSU, which today, breaking free from its reels, destroys the opposition and violates all norms of law and morality. They act today simply as criminals obsessed with impunity! Iryna Valentynivna, stop this arbitrariness, because it will destroy our statehood and our country», – the politician summed up.