The liberation of Donbas from Nazi invaders is a common victory and a common holiday. The People’s Deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, the head of the All-Ukrainian movement against fascism «Patriots – For Life» Ilya Kyva said this at his Telegram channel.

«On September 8, 1943, Donbas was liberated from Nazi invaders. This is our common victory! We honor, remember and are proud of the exploits of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers! Donbas is a land of strong people! Congratulations to you, my dears»,-said the people’s deputy.

As is known, Soviet troops entered the city of Stalino (Donetsk) during the Donbas offensive on September 8, 1943. The victory and liberation were preceded by 22 months of occupation of Donbas. According to some data, during this time the Nazis tortured 279 thousand inhabitants of the region, for hard labor in Germany abducted about 200 thousand people.

In January-February 1943, the Soviet Army liberated 40 settlements. In the spring, the front line in the Donbas stabilized along the Seversky Donets and further south along the Mius River to the Azov Sea. The offensive operation to liberate Donbas began on August 13, fierce battles unfolded over Chistyakovo, Snizhne and Saur-Mohyla, which with its surrounding heights and fortifications became the basis of the connecting link of the entire system of Hitler’s “Mius Front”. On the night of August 30, the valiant Soviet Army liberated Saur-Mohyla. On September 2, the city of Torez was liberated, and on September 8, the capital of Donbas, the city of Stalino.