Speech of the People’s Deputy from the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE, the head of the All-Ukrainian movement against fascism «Patriots – For Life» Ilya Kyva at the International Anti-Fascist Forum-2021.

Unfortunately, my native Ukraine is today the place where fascism was revived. The worst thing is that he was reborn and prospered with the full support of the authorities. Fascist ideas are heard on the streets of Ukraine, followers of the “brown plague” are marching freely in Kyiv, in fact, the streets are filled with neo-Nazis and neo-fascists, there is propaganda of the swastika, fascist criminals are glorified as heroes. And the law enforcement system does not react. In most cases, they are guarded and protected because the authorities have given such a command.

When the whole civilized world rejects and despises any manifestations of fascism, Ukraine glorifies it and popularizes it at the state level. The streets of Kyiv are being renamed in honor of the Nazis and the aides of the Third Reich. In the spring, with the assistance of Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, a neo-fascist who supports fascism in Ukraine, a march was held in the center of Kyiv in honor of the anniversary of the establishment of the SS Halychyna division. Monuments and plaques in honor of this division are being erected in western Ukraine. A memorial plaque has been erected in Kalush in honor of one of its founders, Dmytro Paliy. Streets and schools are named for the supporters of the Nazis.

Against this background, neo-Nazi organizations continue to commit atrocities in the country. They not only carry out their criminal activities without hindrance, under the auspices of the authorities they carry out contract killings, engage in robberies and burglary. But all their crimes go unpunished. All neo-Nazis and accomplices of fascism remain at large. And these people get positions in power. Ukrainian publicist and TV presenter Oles Buzyna was publicly executed by neo-fascists from C14 right on the street. And the suspect Medvedko today works in Council of public control of one of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. And, unfortunately, this is not the only case.

Today, Ukraine has become a haven for neo-Nazis and criminals from around the world. In 2014, a neo-Nazi wanted for double murder in Russia successfully arrived in Ukraine, obtained citizenship and got a job as head of the Department for the Protection of Strategic Objects at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Having committed murder on an international basis, he fled to Ukraine and was granted asylum there.

My grandfather is a Hero of the Soviet Union. And when I see the educational process in schools, in kindergartens, when fascism, Nazism and Nazi criminals are popularized, I understand that this will lead to irreparable consequences. The worst thing is that the propaganda of fascism has reached children. Today, there are camps where neo-Nazis are taught combat skills from an early age, instilling hatred of people, and fostering racism. This abomination cannot be allowed to our children, because it is a crime against life, against morality, against our future!

The situation in Ukraine is really stalemate and it is dangerous just to talk about it. Today I am criminally liable for wearing my grandfather’s hat with the Red Star. I face 5 years in prison. A criminal case was began against me, as a People’s Deputy, as if I had committed a crime. Today, wearing a Red Star hat in Ukraine is a crime equated to a felony and criminal liability.

I want to call on all of us to unite and start an active struggle. At this stage, unfortunately, Ukraine will no longer be able to solve the existing problem and extinguish this shameful phenomenon. We need support for our fight against fascism. We are ready to create a platform that will allow us to study, understand, to create a new effective methods and mechanisms to combat fascism. We call for unity in a single, global organization and to repel those, who preach death and sorrow. We want the Ukrainian authorities to understand that indulging in fascism is a crime against humanity and the world.

It is the common position that will make it possible to prevent the spread of fascism throughout the world. Fascism will not pass! We will definitely win, as our ancestors won in 1945!