Authorities are creating fakes about the threat of external aggression in order to impose martial law and maintain their positions. The People’s Deputy of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction Ilya Kyva stated this in his Telegram channel.

«Zelensky is actively preparing for the last opportunity to stay in power – the introduction of martial law, which will soon be declared in Ukraine. That is why today you are fed the story told by Poroshenko – about the concentration of Russian troops on the borders and the inevitable attack», – he said.

Ilya Kyva did not rule out the possibility of aggravation of the situation in eastern Ukraine and an increase in the number of victims.

«Ahead of provocations and aggravation in the Donbass, and therefore new victims, which the government will pay for the creation of fakes. These charlatans, in their agony and fear of punishment, will do anything – they will without hesitation immerse the country in blood… in poverty, hunger and cold, they have already immersed it», – said the people’s deputy.