The public organization Non-Governmental Organization «All-Ukrainian Movement Against Fascism «PATRIOTS – FOR LIFE» are people who stand on the position of equality, united by the ideology of peace and the protection of the interests of their people, the defense of the country. Thousands of Ukrainians throughout the country support our movement! We are ready to fight, we are ready to resist the regime and all those who are killing our country. We are against impunity and lawlessness in the streets. Patriots are against the humiliation of our traditional moral values. We do not divide – we unite! We speak different languages, we go to different churches, we live both in the West and in the East – but we are together, we are united in our striving for peace, and we are real patriots!

Our country is plunging into fascism, which the entire civilized world despises. Outside the windows of our houses, fascist ideas sounding louder, marches are held in support of the fans of the “brown plague”. The sharp growth and aggressive behavior of the Nazi movements, the open propaganda of the swastika and the unconditional acceptance of their positions by the authorities (in fact, this is playing along) – all this dictates the need for our activities. Indeed, in fact, fascism, with the connivance and sometimes even support of the authorities, actually turns into an unspoken state policy!

Our grandfathers defended this land, sprinkled with the blood of heroes, with the tears of wives and mothers, from the “brown plague” at the cost of their lives. This is our heritage, which we must cherish. We are convinced that we have no moral right to sit idly by when this plague re-emerges within our country! We love our country and are obliged to fight back the spread of this cancer! The whole world has disowned the brown plague – the whole world is fighting against any of its manifestations. Ukraine will not find peace and will not get rid of enmity in society without the fight against fascism. We are obliged to provide popular resistance to this arbitrariness. We are a strong, free nation! We are against fascism and extremism!

We do not agree to silently look at pseudo-nationalism, run errands in power, watch how our streets are filled with hatred, lawlessness and outrage. The authorities once again revel in the euphoria of permissiveness and impunity. The tame nationalists continue to keep the street at bay. They create a picture that is convenient for the current government to cover up its incompetence and banal theft. They wreak havoc. Whom are they protecting? Murderers, thieves, oligarchs. This is the price of power and pseudo-patriotic movements. They do not need peace in our country – there are still battles in the east and people are dying. Until now, we are split based on language and faith. We are divided into «blacks» and «whites». Our task is to unite society for the sake of protection: to protect people, their rights and interests, – to protect the world!

“Patriots” are ordinary people you see at work or walking the streets, just like those who live next door to you. Among us: athletes and hard workers, veterans and volunteers. And the milestones we are united by a common goal to which we are true – peace! A country in which there is no speculation in war, poverty, a state based on law, not deception. Free, prosperous homeland!